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    Concert in November 2012 【Hatsune no mori Junior Chorus】
      Ciao tutti! How are you? It's getting colder and colder day by day, and the air is very dry. Please take care of your health! Don't forget "Ugai" (gargling) and "Tearai" (washing hands) after taking your coat off at home! In our garden, the leaves are turning red which tells us the arrival of fall.

      JVF has 【Hatsune no mori Junior Chorus (Hatsune forest's Junior Chorus)】 which consists of 22 young amateur at music from 6 years to 13 years old. Hatsune (初音) is the name of an area in Yanaka where JVF is located,
      and it means "the first sound". Isn't it charming?

      Hatsune no mori Junior Chorus
      The 3rd Concert

      18 Nov. (Sun) 13:00 open 13:30 start

      Hatsune Hall (初音ホール)
      Inside of The Hatsune Kindergarten (初音幼稚園) and The Kanchi-in (観智院)Temple      
      9 min. walk fron JR Nippori Sta. and Tokyo Metro Sendagi Sta.


      Admission Free (General seating)

      気球にのってどこまでも Kikyu ni notte dokomademo
      北風小僧の寒太郎 Kitakaze-kozo no Kantaro
      めだかの学校 Medaka no Gakko
      からたちの花 Karatachi no hana
      手のひらを太陽に Te no hira wo taiyo ni

      MIYAMOTO Masumitsu
      MIYABE Komaki
      SUZUKI Shoko

      TAKATA Keiko

      Hatsune no mori Junior chorus has practice every Saturday in JVF's studio under the guidance of professional singers. This concert is the regular concert of this chorus group which is held once a year. Every week, the children enjoy singing varios songs and improving their singing skills.
      Why don't you come and listen to their singing?

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      Concert in November 2012
        Dokuen Concert

        The 59th
        ITO Jun
        伊藤 純

        12 November (Monday)

        12 Nov.(Mon) 18:30 open 19:00 start

        Nippori Sunny Hall, Concert Salon
        (2 min. walk from Nippori Sta. Hotel Lungwood 4F)

        2,500 yen (general seating)

        An Evening of Italian Classic Songs and
        Arias from Italian Opera

        G.Giordani: Caro mio ben
        F.Gasparini: Lasciar d'amarti
        A.Scarlatti: Già il sole dal Gange
        G.F.Händel: Ombra mai fu
        A.Caldara: Sebben, crudele

        G.Verdi: "Simon Boccanegra" Il lacerate spirito
        G.Verdi: "Don Carlo" Ella giammai m'amo
        G.Rossini: "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" La calunnia

        伊藤純        山口佳代
                      ITO Jun (Bass)     YAMAGUCHI Kayo (Piano)

        ITO Jun
        , a leading Japanese bass singer, will have An Evening of Italian Classic Songs and Arias from Italian Opera as a part of Dokuen Concert Series. ITO has a large repertoire ranges from more than 40 roles from opera to solo parts of oratorio, requiem, and symphony. Among them, he has performed Colline(La Bohème) and Sarastro (Die Zauberflöte) numerous times. ITO's Fiesco (Simon Boccanegra) and Filippo (Don Carlo), which he will perform in this concert, are also very fascinating with his sonorous and profound low voice. For the first part of the concert, ITO selected Italian classic songs. These pieces sound sinple, but they are inavoidable for those who study vocal music. In other words, they are the basis of the vocal technique. Undoubtedly he will perform these pieces with superior quality with YAMAGUCHI Kayo's skillful piano, an expert of accompaniment for vocal music. Don't miss it!

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        Concert in August 2012

          Hello, everyone! 
          It's very hot every day, but I wish you are not suffering from heat fatigue. We call it "Natsu-Bate" in Japanese. From many years ago, Japanese people eats broiled eel in summer to prevent "Natsu-bate", but this year, the price of eel got extremely high!!! Therefore, let's listen to fine music in air-conditioned museum as prevention of "Natsu-bate" instead of eating eel! It will be a fantastic and artistic concert.

          Dialogue between picture and sound

          concertomuseo チラシ

          10 Aug.(Fri) 17:30 open 19:00 start
          11 Aug.(Sat) 13:30 open 15:00 start
          12 Aug.(Sun) 13:30 open 15:00 start

          The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
          Art Museun
          (東京国立近代美術館, Tokyo Kokuritsu Kindai Bijutsukan)
          3 min. walk from Takebashi station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)

          Admission Free!


          10 Aug.
          [Picture and Sound―Dialogical Style]
          MATSUDAIRA Kei (Voice, Baritone)

          Plainchant: Pater noster, Ave maris stella
          John Cage: Music for One
          John Cage: 8 WHISKUS
          HAYASAKA Fumio: Uguisu (Nightingale), Kodoku (Solitude)
          from "Four unaccompanied songs to poems by Haruo Sato"
          YUASA Joji: Two verses by R.D.Laing
          KUSANO Shimpei: Gobiraffu no dokuhaku (Monologue of Gobiraffu)
          Kurt Schwitters: Obervogelsang, The real disuda of the nightmare
          KINOSHITA Masamichi: Ishi wo tsumu (Lay stones)
          John Cage: Aria

          Matsudaira finds similarities between styles of painting such as montage, diagram and style of music by John Cage. Moreover, he will perform Schwitters' Sound Poetry

          [Beside Alma Mahler]
                     KANAJI Ami (Soprano)   IWATA Yuri (Mezzo Soprano)

          SAITO Masaaki (Piano)

          Robert Schumann:"Frauenliebe und Leben" Op.42
          Arnold Schoenberg:6 Kleine Klavierstücke, Op.19

          Alma Mahler : 5 Lieder
          1. Die stille Stadt 
          2. In meines Vaters Garten 
          3. Laue Sommernacht 
          4. Bei dir ist es traut  
          5. Ich wandle unter Blumen 

          Alban Berg : Die Nachtigall

          [Fusion of abstract art]
          WATANABE Tatsuki (Cello)

          J.S.BACH:Suite für Violoncello solo VI D-Dur BWV 1012
          Steve Reich:"Cello Counterpoint" for cello and pre-recorded Media
          MAYUZUMI Toshiro:"BUNRAKU" for violoncello solo
          Carl Vine:"Inner world" for solo cello and pre-recorded Media

          As a 60th anniversary of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, JVF collaborates with the museum. Energetic musicians will have performance in front of pictures which gives inspiration to the musicians. Why don't you enjoy mutual reaction between sound and picture?

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          Concert in July 2012
             July 12 (Mon. Marine day)
            Umi ni kirameku syugyoku-no
            Charity Gala Concert

            <Charity Gala Concert of
            sparkling gems in the sea>


            【Date】 16. July. 2012 (Mon. Marine day)
                        17:15 open  18:00 start

            【Place】 Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku, Sogakudo
                        Tokyo University of the Arts, Sogakudo Concert Hall
                       in Ueno Campus, faculty of music

            【Price】 Special seat ¥4,000
                        A rank seat ¥3,500
                        B rank seat  sold out

            Si può?... Signore! R.Leoncavallo 《Pagliacci》
            KOBAYASHI Daisuke (Bar.)

            O luce di quest’anima G.Donizetti 《Linda di Chamounix》
            MIYAKE Rie (Sop.)

            Pourquoi me réveiller, ô souffle du printemps J.Massenet 《Werther》
            YAMAMOTO Kohei (Ten.)

            Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen W.A.Mozart 《Die Zauberflöte》
            HARIU Michiko (Sop.)

            Mon cœur s’ouvre à ta voix C.Saint-Saëns 《Samson et Dalila》
            TESHIMA Masako (M-Sop.)

            Che gelida manina G.Puccini 《La bohème》
            MOCHIZUKI Tetsuya (Ten.)

            Di Provenza il mare, il suol G.Verdi 《La traviata》
            KONO Katsunori (Bar.)

            Acerba voluttà, dolce tortura F.Cilea 《Adriana Lecouvreur》
            YODA Asako (M-Sop.)

            J.S.Bach 《Johannespassion》
            Recitative: Und neiget sein Haupt und verschied.
            Aria: Mein teurer Heiland, lass dich fragen…
            Recitative: Die Juden aber, dieweil es der Rusttag war…
            Choral: O hilf, Christe, Gottes Sohn…
            Recitative: Darnach bat Pilatum Joseph von Arimathia…
            Chorus: Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine…
            Choral: Ach, Herr, lass dein' lieb' Engelein…

            Evangelist: MOCHIZUKI Tetsuya (Ten.)
            Aria solo: KATAYAMA Masashi (Bass)
            Conductor: TAKAHASHI Taikai
            Piano: HATTORI Yoko, MORISHIMA Eiko
            Chorus: JVF Festival Chorus, 
                          Volunteers from The institution and the education center of JVF

            Erlkönig F.Schubert
            TAKAHASHI Keizo (B-Bar.)

            Zaïde(Boléro) H.Berlioz
            TAGUCHI Tomoko (Sop.)
            Полководец М. Мусоргский 《Песни и пляски смерти》
            KATSUBE Futoru (Bar.)

            Dove sono i bei momenti W.A.Mozart 《Le nozze di Figaro》
            SHIMAZAKI Tomoko (Sop.)

            Weiche, Wotan! R.Wagner 《Das Rheingold》
            IHARA Naoko (Alt)

            Io l’ho perduta G.Verdi 《Don Carlo》
            KAWAKAMI Hiroshi (Ten.)

            Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate G.Verdi 《Nabucco》

            Piano: HATTORI Yoko, MORISHIMA Eiko, YAMAGUCHI Kayo

            Every year, JVF gives special charity gala concert on Marine day (the 3rd Monday of July, national holiday).  This year will be the 10th concert.
            The 15 Japanese first class singers sing their favorite opera aria or lied with the piano accompaniment by the skilful korrepetitors*.

            In the 2nd part, JVF Festival Chorus which consists of 137 amateur at singing will perform J.S. Bach's 《Johannespassion》 with 2 pianos.

            Surplus balance of the concert will be donated to victims of The Tohoku Earthquake on 3.11

            *Korrepetitor・・・the pianist who is a specialist of the accompaniment of opera.

            We look forward to see you at Sogakudo Concert Hall!

            Ticket, inquiry: NPO Japan Vocalists Forum
            Tel: +81-03-3821-5166
            FAX: +81-03-5834-1235

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            Concert in 2012

               Information on JVF's concert in 2012

              【Dokuen Concert 2012】
              *Dokuen (独演)=Solo Performance

              This concert series consists of 10 recital for a year by first-class singers.
              The concert hall has a seating capacity of only 100, therefore you can enjoy the art of vocal music of high-quality in a cosy atmosphere. The program varied from opera aria and lied to Japanese song.

              Upcoming "Dokuen Concert 2012"
              Jun. 12 (Thur) 19:00
              The 54th
              Naoko IHARA (伊原直子) Alto

              Eiko MORISHIMA (森島英子) Piano

              July. 5 (Thur) 19:00
              The 55th
              Takehiro SHIDA (志田雄啓) Tenor
              Kayo YAMAGUCHI (山口佳代) Piano

              Sep. 21 (Fri) 19:00
              The 56th
              Hiroko HANEDA (羽根田宏子) Soprano
              Tadayuki KAWAHARA (河原忠之) Piano

              Price: 2,500 yen (general seating)
              Place: Nippori Sunny Hall, Concert Salon (2 min. walk from Nippori Sta. Hotel Lungwood 4F)


              Ticket, inquiry: NPO Japan Vocalists Forum
              Tel: +81-03-3821-5166
              FAX: +81-03-5834-1235
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